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The Bridges That Have Survived All Odds

There is a wide look that is made available by architecture with regard to buildings and their creation all over the world but check it out. It is with the help of architecture that we are able to appreciate the sights like Buckingham Palace and the Taj Mahl. However, structural beauty is not about buildings alone but learn more. Read this article to the end to know the way the world’s best bridges were built but the view here for more.

The first bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge. The city in which this bridge is found in California but click here for more. It is not possible for people who are in the United States not to know about the Golden Gate Bridge that is found in San Francisco, California, and if there are any, they cant be a big number but see page. When you look at the bridge today, the structure and design is apparently plain but see website. This is a look back into the creations of the day during the industrial era but see this company. This bridge is a real attraction and many long to see it. Indeed, this is the bridge that connects the Bay Area with the city. People living in the city will be able to escape to the country anytime they desire it. To get details, view here!

The Pearl Bridge In Japan is the other beautiful bridge. The city where you find this bridge is Kobe-Naruto. The Pearl Bridge is a little shiny as well as flashy. Among all suspension bridges in the world, the Pearl Bridge beats them all. The Pearl Bridge is a great source of tourists in Japan. The bridge is always lit up at night. It is very amazing to note the bridge is so strong to the level that it even survived an earthquake without any crack or scratch. Apart from pipe bridges, there is no other type of bridge that compare in terms of sturdiness but check it out.

Another wonderful bridge is the Confederation Bridge, in Canada. This bridge is in Prince Edward Island. This bridge may not have much to offer in terms of beauty. However, when it comes to sturdiness and design, you are staring at a bridge that beats all the rest. This is a long bridge, doing well over eight miles. This is actually the connection to New Brunswick. There are restaurants within the vicinity of the bridge.

There is also the famous and equally important Captain William Moore Bridge, a bridge that is found in Alaska. Everybody will by default think of beauty when you talk of Alaska. Despite the fact that the bridge has got only one side that is anchored, it doesn’t move. This is a unique spectacle that pertains to this bridge. The bridge has done over 40 years standing.

The other bridge to think about is the Rakotz Bridge that is in Germany. This bridge is more like an optical illusion. You can get details this website.

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